Day Forty Three

After yesterday’s cold it’s a glorious blue sky day and back to t-shirt weather.  All the best better to explore Tromso with.

No bike/bridge terror today, we take the motorhome over it and tunnel in.  A much more sensible option.  Another amazing tunnel – three roundabouts in this one, skirting the edge of the town, underground.

Chris’s focus is on a liquor shop he found yesterday – his first priority is to considerably lighten their stock.  He’s been missing his wine!  I’ve found out that wine and spirits can only be sold under special licence and this is the first shop we’ve seen since Oslo.  Interestingly, it’s almost deserted, but they do have a great selection.  Meanwhile, I look longingly at the Harry Potter manuscript… patience…mine (and Justine’s) is on order, waiting for me in Cornwall.  I absolutely loved the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  It totally deserves the excellent reviews it’s getting.  I can’t wait to curl up and read the manuscript.

I talked Chris out of a burger for yesterday’s lunch but today he’s determined.  Burgers it is, by the harbour.  They prove very good, along with excellent chips.  Seeing as I don’t have to drive, a Spanish rioja accompaniment is just the thing.  

Tromsø has come alive in the sun.  The Hurtigruten cruise ship in and there are tourists everywhere. Hurtigruten is on my list for a future “must do” as well.  Dubbed the world’s beautiful voyage, 11 days up, then down the coast of Norway, visiting 34 ports of call from Bergen to Kirkenes.  It’s another thing I’d like to do in winter.  That future trip is rounding out nicely.

Meanwhile, back in Tromso, it’s easy to pick the Aussies. The ship must be full of them.  A small flea market is in full swing near the harbour – everyone is out enjoying the warmth.

After lunch we lap the town.  I get to take all the photos I missed out on yesterday. Everything is washed clean and sparkles under a blue sky.  I sneak another peak at Harry.  It looks really good! 


Tromso tour completed it’s time to brave the funky tunnel and be on our way.  It was lovely to have a little break, but I’m glad to be back on the road.  Wilderness calls! Insert *wolf howl* here 😆 🐾.

We’re taking a sneaky short cut, off the main road, via Highway 91, due east. It will save a lot of miles and as a bonus there are two ferry crossing, the first across Ullsfjorden, then Lyngen.  

In between the two, we travel via a valley in between two rugged mountain ranges.  It’s very exiting – the landscape is increasingly wild and more Artic each day.  These mountains have a new feature too.  Endless landslides have tumbled down their sides creating a flounce effect at their base.  The older slides have revegated, the newer are raw gravel and rock.    The ice and snow drifts are back too, especially in deep crevasses where sharp edged drifts form ice cliffaces.  It’s so wild, so beautiful.  

The last ferry crossing takes us to Olderdalen, where we settle for the night on the banks of the Lyngen fjord, surrounded by water, ice capped mountains and a soft diffused evening light.  Cocktail hour.  

I don’t think I ever want to come home.