Day Thirty Eight

We continue our exploration of Vest Lofoten, exploring both West and East coasts today.  As mesmerising as the southern point is, Chris is very conscious that it we don’t make a move soon that we may get caught short of time for the return trip.  If if was up to me, I’d spend at least a week here, drinking in the scenery.  In what is the most beautiful country I’ve seen, Vest Lofoten is, to me, the most beautiful spot. 

To add to the enchantment, the sun is out in force, rendering the sky an impossible shade of blue, lit as from within.  I read on an information board that the light in Lofoten is considered unique, and it certainly is.  I’ve only seen something similar in the northern corner of Denmark where it sparked an art movement.  I’m not sure why the mountains here are not crawling with painters, easels in hand.  Even with my limited (zero) talent, my fingers itch for a brush.  

We head west first, to Yttersand.  West is where the beaches where, even this far north, the water is perfect for swimming.  The beach at Yttersand, Sandboten is an arc of gorgeous white sand and pale blue water.  It’s a postcard perfect setting.  

The afternoon passes in a kaleidescope of glorious scenery.  Chris does his best to accommodate my requests to stop every few moments.  It doesn’t get us far, but it’s too beautiful to resist. With the sun out, the waters are rendered  aquamarine and emerald green in the shallows, the shadows a deep blue.  

We cross islands via a series of arched bridges, through to the island of Flakstadoya,  and drive around the Flakstadpollen bay, another white sand glory.  It’s too much to resist and we go down to the beach – up close, the sand is a silvery white, the consistency a cross between icing and caster sugar.

Another beautiful curved bridge crosses to the next island, but alas my detailed map ends here, and the other does not name them individually.  This part of the world, for all its beauty, is tiny.

We end the day by the beach south of Fiskebol another white sanded  beauty surrounded by cliffs and beached rocks.  Again, it’s a bit hard to resist and we clamber over the boulder, through a thicket of wildflowers to join the locals on the beach.  

If you’re coming to Norway, put the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands on your must see list.  I wouldn’t have missed this.  

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