Day Twenty Four

It’s up at the crack of dawn to catch the ferry from Frederikshavn to Oslo. Well at least it’s my version of crack of dawn, being anything prior to 8 am.

It’s over 9 hours to Oslo and Chris has booked a cabin.  Just as well; we crash until early afternoon.  The cabin is quite comfortable with a double bed, tv, private bathroom with shower and a small seating area. It even has a fridge.  Best of all are the large double windows that deliver a sea view.  Again, we jag a perfectly smooth crossing.

The rest of the afternoon is spent marveling at how foreign the language sounds on tv – we can’t even work out if it’s Norwegian or Swedish, catching up on my blog, reading the papers and generally doing very little.  It’s rather nice for a change.  Definitely a worthwhile option, getting a cabin for longer journeys.

Eventually it’s time to go up on deck.  We’re well into the Oslo Fjord with land on either side, ever narrowing.  Despite a large family presence, this Stena ferry seems a bit of a party ship.  It has quite a number of bars, a casino, a disco and a Nordic spa along with the usual cafes, restaurants and duty free shopping.   Something for everyone, but I settle with a strawberry daiquiri, Chris with a beer and we watch the world go by.  The kids are the only ones on the disco floor, grooving along occasionally, otherwise turning cartwheels on the dance floor.

This is the furthest North we’ve been and we’re set to break that record daily from here on in, or at least until we lose our nerve and think we’re running out of time.  I hope we make it into the Arctic circle.  That would be pretty cool.

Arriving into the Oslofjord dock is an efficient affair, our papers are not even checked.  We settle for the night in the marina under a thunderous sky that’s been threatening all afternoon.  I make friends with a local duck and a funny looking gull with a brown face by feeding them Chris’s breakfast  bread.  Oops.  Porridge then.

It will be interesting to see how late the sun stays up tonight.  At 11.30 pm it’s still fully light.  I love it, but it’s throwing Chris a little.  He’s an early bird, I’m a complete night owl.

Vikings beckon us, the series has become quite dark.  We’re watching it in the perfect place.   I like the synergy of immersion, when art, books and film align with travel.  It gives you insight, and often a walk through time and place, in someone else’s footsteps.