Day Thirteen

It’d be fabulous if I was master of WordPress.  It seems determined to thwart me, with different functions on different hardware and, despite a pretty effective auto save feature,  a cunning invisible, no warning “delete” feature it saves for your longest posts.😠

It did that to me today, blew away the Hampton Court entry, not once, but twice, requiring me to rewrite it.  Grrrrr….😭😭😭

The morning is baby squirrel rich, bouncing around wherever you look.  I think there are more here than there are in Hyde Park.

There are some domestics to attend to before we hit the final stretch of road to Harwich, for tomorrow’s ferry.  These done, it’s me gnashing my teeth with a rewrite as Chris drives.

The drive is only punctuated by a stop in Sainsbury’s to fully stock the fridge and a quick lunch.  WordPress continues to challenge my mental health, losing the second draft.  Alcohol is called for.    It’s not until late in the day that I wrestle it into submission.

Off to the Netherlands tomorrow, we will land just below the hook of Holland near a garden we wanted to see last year.

This is our fourth three month stint.  At the end of this trip we will have spent a year overseas of the last four.  Seems hard to believe.

It’s not been without hiccups, but we’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to do it at all whilst I’m working, and have seen many wonderful places.

I only hope this trip, to as yet unexplored northern climes, will prove as wonderful as those that preceded it.