Day Eleven

The day starts with a long walk in the Gorrick Woods, ostensibly a forestry plantation with the old woods intertwined.

The older trees are mostly oak and silver birch, the forestry plantings, pine. People often think of pine forests as places left bereft, where other plants won’t grow and animals avoid.  It’s not the case, nature adapts.


Bracken, creepers and shrubs create a thick undergrowth providing shelter for the local fauna.  Unless habit is removed or destroyed altogether, nature will usually find a way to make it work.   We’re also treated to wildflowers, forget-me-nots, daisies, heather. It’s all very “Hansel and Gretel in the woods” pretty.   Bird song accompanies us, but whilst I see evidence of furry life, we don’t see any bar the myriad of bunnies who hopped in to greet us in the morning.


After our walk we head back to the repair centre.  It’s a busy time for them, they’re setting up for a major caravan/camping show in a nearby field and preparations are in full swing.  Chris heads out to check out the new Rapido motorhomes and falls hard for what I must say is a pretty stunning vehicle.  Beautifully appointed with two living areas, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and separate shower.  Each of the design niggles in our model (which are really only minor) have been addressed. No garage though, which we have.  It’s a firm yes from me.

Something to consider as an import home for the trip around Australia that Chris is dying to do, I less so.  I’m still in love with European charms, however that very fancy set up would go a long way to coaxing me out of the gate.

For once, I have to drag Chris away.  I sense he’s about to slap a credit card down.

It’s time to hit the road, moving East, closer to our ferry departure point.  Along the way we stop at the most extraordinary services layby.  It’s as busy as Chadstone in sales and huge.  It even has its own hotel.   Why, I cannot say.

Closer to our destination, Chris and TomTom have one of their few disagreements.  It’s not pretty.

Our site is on a heath, up what appears to be an impenetrable lane.  A local suggests an alternative way in.  And it’s here that TomTom lets Chris down, leading him in a merry chase that involves at least four false starts and adds many miles to a short trip.  We eventually ignore it and follow local instructions, which work.

The site is lushly green and perfectly manicured, complete with a shy but very active squirrel, and wood fired pizza.  These go a long way to soothing frayed nerves.  A dose of Keanu in The Matrix rounds the night out.  Amusing to see, what were then, very high tech mobiles in that film.