Day Seven

There’s holidaying and there’s travelling. I suspect that holidaying has a lot more lying around pools, reading and drinking cocktails… travelling has a lot more “getting ready to travel” activities.  Some drinking, I’ll grant you that.

It’s these tasks that consume us today.  First task, drop off the hire car.  I follow Chris up hill and down dale, practicing my hill starts.  It’s been a while since I’ve driven a manual!   A minor issue on drop off.  It seems some kind soul has keyed the driver’s door at the concert last night.  I’m in charge of the drop off, but I’m not having this conversation and copping the fall out.  I utter the almost never used phrase “you’ll need to speak to my husband”. Ha-ha.  Chris, to his credit, keeps his cool and deals with it.

Next task is to stock the fridge, pantry and bar. Luckily this is fun, the local Tesco is excellent with a great selection of produce and it’s summer so all my favourites are in season.  I do my bit for the local economy and European cheese and we walk away with two trolleys, full, and a considerably lighter wallet.

Next it’s off to see the mechanic for a sign off on the service and habitation check.  Chris sees a bunny dart between the hedgerows but I miss him.  Have not seen any bunnies so far.  We may be a little earlier than usual.  When we usually arrive in Cornwall, there are baby bunnies a plenty. I miss them.

All this hard work demands a little shopping so we pop into Truro.  The  river, high this morning had receded completely and the river bed is exposed as far as the eye can see.  I’ll never get used to how tidal the sea is here.

I pick up a few essentials, including a new cup for my mandatory morning coffee.  It’s a new addition to the Wrendale series I’ve been collecting – “Rosie”.  She’s a very cute bunny.

The rest of the afternoon is spent cooking, stocking the freezer (Chris) and tinkering to fix our internet issues (me).

A quiet night in with a BBQ dinner ends the day.   It’s off to Poole tomorrow to see my squirrelly friends on Brownsea Island before we head off for northern climes.