2014 – Day Forty Two

Blah. Horrible day.

Crack of dawn start to make the ferry. Calm seas, luckily for Chris who gets seasick, but this trip is very different to the one over.

Seasoned ferry goers know to head for the quiet areas, which are tiny and unmarked. The only thing that denotes them as quiet areas is the lack of a television, all of which are turned off as we board. The rest of us fools are stuck in the open areas that are playing lord knows what version of a very loud kids movie at competing, ever increasing sounds levels. Even with earplugs, it was unbearable. Seriously, louder than Dolby surround cinema. Kill me now. Please. I normally love kids movies but this was utter crap. And ear splittingly loud crap at that.

So that was the morning.

We make it safely to Fishguard in Wales and begin the extremely long journey down and cross country to Dover. Given the distance, the motorways are the only option to make the Dover crossing by Monday.

At midday we take a “break” to change my sim over so that it works in the UK for the next few days. And the award to the worst product in telecommunications history…goes to Orange. Utter crap. The movie on the ferry was an Oscar contender in comparison. The Tesco phone guy is brilliant though – he persists through dozens of attempts to call their help desk and two faulty sims, before he announces it’s utter crap, product and service alike, despite being their best seller. In the end he gets me set up on the 3 network in moments…despite having struggled for over an hour with Orange. Great service from the Tesco guy, who not only mangles his whole display to get me a product that works and has the sim converter I need, but takes his own phone out of the store for best reception to make sure my credit is correctly applied. Usually they sell you the sim and the credit voucher and bid you adieu. He also gives me a quiz on Australia and tips on visiting the French alps, which he deems are lovely. He’s a good boy.

We spend the afternoon at screaming speeds along the motorways, each as equally boring and soulless as the next.

Too. Much. Driving. Too much.

And that was the afternoon. Great lark this, being on holiday. 😦