2014 – Day Forty

This may well be a first – we did exceedingly little today other than to virtually complete our circumference of Ireland.

We end our day in Wexford, a village some 30 minutes out of Rosslare, from whence we commenced.

Most of our journey in this latter part is on the main road where they drive at speeds terrifying after country traffic. The Irish are unfailing polite on the road – they stop to let you in, they pull over in narrow roads, they give way with grace…but they drive like demons when speed is allowed.

Come to think of it, the only bad tempered driver we saw was at the start of our trip. We were winding our way up a high and treacherously narrow road (path…) behind a series of cars and had a clear view of him coming down the hill. He pulled over into a passing spot just just as we were about to pass there, flew, and I meant flew out of his car, did a little circle in anger and then resoundingly kicked the back passenger door of his car. Hard enough to leave a good dent. Then got in the car and drove off at great speed. On a road where we were all crawling along. There was no one in the car with him. Oh how I would love to know what drove him to kick his car. That, I’m sure, would be a good story.

A lovely lazy day, a BBQ dinner, local berries for dessert to end the day. A drink might be calling me. Time to put our feet up and relax. Tomorrow is a rest day, and we then catch the ferry at a punishing hour on Friday. Blah.