2014 – Day Thirty Seven

Not sure what we did today. We drove south and at the end of the day ended up just outside of Dublin.

We tried to visit “Derrymore House” but the site was closed and we had to satisfy ourselves with a peek from the outside. Very pretty – a series of 18th century thatched cottages painted a deep yellow which offsets beautifully with the grey of the thatching. Lots of beautiful grounds to walk through, but given that the cottages have residents and that it’s closed, we think it’s probably best left.

An uneventful day, about the most momentous thing is that we are back in the Republic of Ireland and no longer in Northern Ireland.

The little red vans are back – they seemed to follow us everywhere here and they are back again. We saw them in the north too, but they are Royal Mail vans there. Must be the most popular car in the south! They were everywhere.

Might brave a trip into the village if the weather holds – dinner in the village pub looks promising. Crab claws and local prawns. A seal’s dinner for me, and a beef and Guinness pie for Chris. And very yummy it was was too, so it was. As the Irish say!