2014 – Day Twenty Eight

On the road out of Westport, an accident. Not a great start to the day. We swipe a truck with our side mirror. My fault apparently. Right. In a normal vehicle, a displaced mirror would be a nuisance, but in this monster, its critical. Tempers fray. We are not at our best.

At least the place we pull over to proactively discuss solutions* is pretty. Set on a lake with mountains in the distance, a couple of black faced sheep bleat peacefully.

It will have to be fixed, so we will have to find an electrical engineer/repair shop of some sort.**

We tape it together for now, working together,*** so that at least we can continue until we get to a larger town or even back to the UK.

We are still in county Mayo. It’s been one of the prettier ones, with more lakes and greenery and less rock. There are many parts of it which wouldn’t look out of place in Australia too, with wheat coloured fields and hills in the distance.

The only real disappointment with Ireland, whilst it’s truly stunning, has been how much a challenge it is for motorhomes. Virtually every car park has been height restricted so that we are barred from it and if it wasn’t for large supermarkets, we wouldn’t be able to stop in most towns. This has put all sorts of restrictions on things. It also makes stopping in the smaller towns almost impossible. Now presumably, this is to keep the “travellers” (aka the gypsies)… out of town.. but where are these hordes of travellers? We’ve scoured the country and not seen one. All they seem to be achieving is stopping the flow of tourist dollars into small towns that desperately need them.

We end up in Ballina for the night, where I spot an excellent, 10 spot, orange ladybird. At last. Something pleasant.

*blame each other   ** it will need to via mime as we are not speaking   *** glowering at each other