2014 – Day Fifteen

Off to county Cork today. We have decide to stick along the coast
where possible. The larger towns don’t really grab either of us, and
the countryside is just beautiful.

One thing I haven’t mentioned: the rivers and oceans are so tidal.
When the tide goes out, it goes out for kilometres, giving you a rare
glimpse into the working structures of the seabed and river banks.
Apart from being fascinating, it’s really beautiful. Where we stayed
yesterday the tide was out around half a kilometre from the shore
and but the time we had walked around the point from our walk it
had come all the way in – you can actually see it advancing, it’s that

The local Irish bunnies wave us off (lots this morning – Chris wakes
me to two of them frisking about) and off we set.

Our coastal trip is like a picture postcard – green in the extreme and
takes us through local forests and farmland, in-dispersed with black
and white dairy cows (thanks for the Kerrygold butter girls, we love
it) and small villages.

Our first stop is Kinsale, a coastal village, busy with the weekend
tourist trade. The tide is out and most of the harbour sits bare well
out until the yacht moorings. The town is full of little cafes and
restaurants…and of all things, buses of Spanish tourists! Ten minutes
into our walk and I’m yet to hear a local voice. It’s obviously very
popular on the tourist trail. We finish our walk along the harbour
and see huge fish coming in with the tide – mullet according to a

Exploring done, we set off again for our final destination for the day
– Clonakility, or as I like to call it, Clonkitty. You have to take your
amusement where you can….

We take the R roads which are the smaller, more scenic ones and by
later afternoon we settle for the night in a great spot high on the
hill, overlooking the river and town. Cooking to be done, and lots of
local bunny watching. Chris has brought binoculars and has proved
himself and excellent spotter. As he says, I’m easily amused.