2014 – Day Twelve

We are on the move again today. We have decided to navigate
Ireland in a clockwise direction and commence our journey west.

Our first stop is a little fishing village of Kilmore Quay, very pretty
with many thatched cottages and naturally, a seafood festival about
to commence. We have an explore and settle for a lovely fish lunch
on the harbour at “ The Crazy Crab”. Don’t know about crazy, but it
is tasty.

We hit the road again to arrive at Tramore, also on the coast and a
popular holiday spot. It’s just out of Waterford, which is our goal for
tomorrow. By this stage internet access is beginning to dawn as the
challenge it becomes. I won’t bore you with details, but let’s just say
that it stressed us both.

Once settle in Tramore, we walked down to the beach to find the
local kids and holiday makers braving the Irish summer seas. What a
great set up. In two natural gorges, the local council has made two
swimming holes, complete with low and high diving platforms, steps
that walk into the swimming pools and everything a kid could want.
Some big kids too! So what if they were mainly in wet suits to stop
themselves from freezing …..they were clearly having a ball. You
couldn’t have keep me out of there when I was a kid. Chris neither I
suspect; he would have been off that high diving board for sure.

Cocktails and a light dinner tonight. Lunch was huge.