2014 – Day Eleven

Off to Ireland today! Very excited. I was quite disappointed that we
didn’t get to pop over last year.

Chris has determined that the ferry from Fishguard is the way to go
as it’s the shortest route and he does not want to get seasick. Fair
point too.

Fishguard is tiny, tiny and we of course arrive hours early. Never
mind…..there’s always a local bakery to explore and Chris has a fine
time losing his temper with a gas pump until a local helps him sort

Lunch and autogas sorted, we line up for the ferry, along with many
other motorhomes and cars. The ferry is HUGE. At least 5 storeys
high with rooms for kids to play in, restaurants, a bar, a coffee shop
and a film area. I’ve brought a book, so I curl up with that and when
I find myself complaining as to “why haven’t we moved yet” Chris
smugly tells me that we have been on our way for 10 minutes. You
might say its a smooth ride.

After three and a half hours we arrive at Rosslare….and we’re here.
And yes, it’s every bit as green as they say, but in truth, no greener
than the UK!

It’s late in the day so we drive a way and settle just outside of town
for the night. Luckily we have wifi where we are. As in the UK, the
internet will prove a challenge, but we are innocent of this
knowledge as yet.