2014 – Day Ten

A day to explore The St David’s coastline. We set off to the beach
which is renowned for surfing and sure enough there are quite a few
brave souls in the water.

We aren’t here for the water though. We are here for the coastal
walks that take us first out to the St David’s headland then back in
the other direction to St Justinians where all the boat tours leave.

Both walks are lovely, if steep in parts, especially the first one. There
are bonuses though. The hills are scattered with wildflowers, there
are wild ponies on the St David’s side – lots of them, and on the way
back they are close to the path and I steal a pat (and get told off by
Chris). My pony is lovely and firm and warm in the way that horses
are. And his coat is remarkably clean for an outdoor boy. I only get
to pat him for a moment before I am dragged away to tales of girls
who pat wild horses getting kicked. I think my pony was more
interested in grazing. We also see a porpoise off the spit, in fact
there are two men recording sightings with some high tech

Animal adventures abound on the other side too – I steal a pat from
a little Hereford bull (he is safely behind a fence) but he gets a shock
and runs away. He was quite soft – the curl on his forehead. We also
see some excellent green and purple beetles, a whole range of sea
birds and lots of gorgeous butterflies in the wild flowers. I was
hoping to see a fox or a bunny, but there are none.

We have lunch at one of the points and then walk back. By this time
were are both tired – we’d been hiking for around three hours and
are done. Back home for a BBQ dinner after a quick stop in town for

It’s peaceful here. Still no internet, but we amuse ourselves with
“Some Like It Hot” in the background as we prepare dinner. Still
good after all these years. Jack Lemmon just steals every scene he is
in and Marilyn is in fine form.