2014 – Day Seven

Just the one squirrel this mooring. And he was even more skittish
than yesterday’s trio. Still, he turned up, so he gets some nuts for his

We’re off to Cardiff today. The best way in is on the park and ride,
which we do. Great system the park and rides if you want to keep
towns relatively car free. It’s about 7 miles out and just a short ride
on the bus.

We wander up the main mall to locate the tourist information
centre. The shops are pretty much the same as everywhere. A
Boots, Zara, H&M, Top Shop etc. There’s a great castle in town but
the best part of it is the animal wall that was added in the 1880s. A
whole series of animals from around the world snarl down on us as
we walk by. There’s even a seal but he looks sweet rather than

We finally find tourist information and the guy suggests “a nice
walk” to the harbour where there are restaurants and lots of things
so see. His nice walk is 2 miles through what seems to be the
poorest part of town. Oh well. At least the harbour is nice when we
get there, as is the nice little French bistro we have lunch in.

The weather turns on us while we are exploring after lunch but I
can’t convince Chris to go into the Doctor Who exhibition. And he’s
a life long fan too! Instead we water taxi it back to the city which is
fun. Lots of white swans about and one with 7 cygnets. Little

Once back in town, Chris is a man on a mission. He has two bikes
ordered and is keen to pick them up. We debated whether we
would buy them, but I think its a good thing to try. Why not.
Something new.

The bikes are flat packed and the packs are huge..still, off into the
garage they go. A project for tomorrow. I’m tasked with making a
frittata tonight and so I do. Might need a cocktail to sustain me. We
are nicely stocked and Chris obliges with a Harvey Wallbanger. An
oldie but a goodie.

Really p’d off that we don’t have unlimited data. Grrrrr. Data is the
new currency. And the people who sell it know this.