2014 – Day Five

Staring to feel like I’m on holiday. This is the first day without
domestics to complete.

There was a small blow to plans yesterday. Last year we had access
to unlimited data on a very reasonable plan, but this year it’s been
wound right back with less than 2MB for the same cost. This will put
a dent in all sorts of internet freedoms, but still, we will do what we
can. Annoying though, as it limits access to newpapers, magazines,
backing up photos, posting to Facebook…all manner of stuff.

Chris is on the mend though. Still ill, but most definitely on the
mend. Thankfully. It’s a really nasty bug.

We are on the move today. We leave Truro to travel into Wales as a
steppingstone on to Ireland. Very excited about going to Ireland.
I’ve not been and am very much looking forward to it.

We take the opportunity to make a couple of stops on our way. The
first of which is an Elizabethan manor home, Trerice. It’s under
restoration with men working in the great hall and chimney,
painstakingly taking it apart to repair and putting each brick back in
its correct and original place. Amusingly, the national trust
volunteers can’t open the house from the new entrance (a
requirement due to the works) and they fuss about with the wrong
key and WD40 as the lock is stuck. The grounds are lovely, if simple
and the house is cunningly set into the hill – looking out of the same
room from one window you are two storeys up and from another, at
ground level. The ceilings are stunning, the work of Dutch masters,
as are the gables.

Our next stop is a small harbour town of Boscastle. It boasts a
unique harbour set into a narrow natural fiord. The harbour is
completely tidal and clearly subject to huge natural forces. It’s been
fortified by battlements against the sea on both sides, and is at least
two storeys high, and yet has flooded so severely in recent times
that a number of buildings standing for hundreds of years had to be
rebuilt in 2004.

It’s very pretty. We climb out over the rocks to the sea and can hear
it rushing in through the heads and into a natural cave. The water is
perfectly clear and obviously productive boasting local lobster and
crab. We have lobster rolls from the local fishing co-op for lunch and
they are divine.

Sightseeing done, we set off for the long trek to Wales. Predictably,
tummy full of lobster, I fall asleep. It’s my standard response to any
car trip that takes more than an hour. Chris battles on and some 4
hours later we arrive and settle for the night. We’re on the edge of a
historic estate and just out of Cardiff, so there is lots to see, but it
will have to wait until tomorrow.

It’s been a long day.