Day Ninety

Our last day. Last day in Paris and the last day of our holiday. From
here it will be the hard slog of travel to get back home.

We spend the day in hot pursuit of shoes. I know, I have only myself
to blame, but for once the shoes fairies are not playing the game. I
usually have extraordinarily good luck with shoes: the pair I want is
in stock, in the colour I want and in my size. Very often too, I might
be lucky enough that all that is met, and as a bonus, they are on
sale. But today wasn’t my day. Well, not at the start anyway.

We start the day by heading our to Gallerie La Fayette where a
whole floor of shoes awaits. There are no Louboutins though, and
whilst there are plenty of nice shoes that one might wear every day,
I want a special pair. There is a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos, but
the price is so blistering, that I put them back. I still have some hope
that the purple Louboutins will appear like magic if I am patient

So, no luck at La Fayettte. We set off to the Christian Louboutin
second store, past mile after mile of designer stores. Some lovely
shopping to be had in Paris. This new store is huge, over two levels
with a lot of choice. They have the shoe I want, but only in sliver or
gold, and I fall for another pump with a teeny bow…but they don’t
have it in my size.

The rain picks this time to hit with a brief but heavy burst. We stop
for lunch at a lovely bistro, very French, and I have an omelet with
autumnal wild mushrooms. Chris, still suffering burger envy from my
lunch the other day, has a burger. Delightful. Very civilised.

We then set off for the Jimmy Choo store. That gorgeous shoe,
actually their campaign shoe, is there, of course and nothing else
grabs me. Chris, in a moment of extreme generosity, suggests I try it
on. Guess what. They don’t have my size. Half size off. Disappointed
doesn’t begin to cover it, but the nice lady helpfully tells Chris that
there is one pair at La Fayette, and one other at Printemps….so
back we go. Did I mention I have a patient and generous husband?

We finally get back to La Fayette, and I have my Cinderella
moment..they’re in stock, they fit, and they come home, despite the
blistering price. I do love them 🙂

We then head back to the hotel to have a final coffee and drink…
and a last chocolate mousse before we pick the bags up and head
off to the airport.

It truly has been an amazing holiday. I’ve been lucky enough to visit
the places that influenced me as I grew up: Beatrix Potters house
and works, the Yorkshire moors of James Herriot, the Scottish
highlands and lochs were Mitjch the otter played, the moors where
the Bronte sister wrote their books. So many special places.

I’ve also been lucky and spoilt enough to celebrate my birthday in
one of my favourite cities, in its most iconic landmark, spend time
chasing all my favourite animals…even have some of them eat our
of my hand…and sit in my lap. We’ve seen red and grey squirrels,
seals, countless bunnies, gorgeous birds, flowers and butterflies.
And had countless hours of fun searching for the more elusive pine
martens, otters and deer. We’ve seen landscape that’s taken my
breath away and experienced life at a difference pace, in a different

I would be hard pressed to ask for more. Apart perhaps from those
purple Louboutins!