Day Eighty Seventy

Birthday!!! In Paris!!! Fabulous!!! Yay me.

To start the day we set off to the pet shops. I am hoping to see a
chinchilla and chipmunks, and I am not disappointed.

A lovely little silver chinchilla is found nibbling on a branch – lots of
whiskers, and we find a group of 13 chipmunks squirrelling up a
storm in one of the stores. Too cute with their little stripes and tails
and they’re super frisky.

Chris gets his finger nibbled and I get to pat a fat little chipmunk
belly. Good birthday treat! There are four pet shops along the Seine
near the Lourve and in addition to the chinchilla and chipmunks, we
see all manner of puppies and kittens as well as hamsters (one with
babies), bunnies and all manner of small mousey things. Apartment
friendly pets feature heavily.

After much sooking for pets I can’t have, we head off to the
Louboutin store to look for a pair of shoes for tonight. And I find the
perfect pair – a dark purply sparkly sling back. Am instantly in love.
And would you believe it, they don’t have my size in the shop, nor
the two others. Disappointed. Very disappointed. They were
gorgeous. I’ll have to speak to my buddy Season in New York to see
if he can locate them.

We also find a Sephora where Chris patiently waits for me to select
a few things. Love Sephora. Wish we had it at home.

After my crushing shoe blow, we head over to the Jardin des
Tuileries near the Lourve and stop for a revitalising coffee. It’s
drizzling lightly and it’s very pretty with the leaves turning their
autumn colours and the last of the summer flowers. The chestnut
trees are perfectly aligned and are full of nuts – it’s the
quintessential Parisienne streetscape.

After coffee we head home to get ready for my birthday dinner. We
are off to the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Chris
patiently sat on line for months to get the booking, starting some 6
months out and succeeding after 3.

Glammed up, off we set. The rain has finally lifted and the tower is
clear. For a while there, I thought our view might be clouds! It was
misted over for most of the day with only the bottom part visible.

Chris’ hard work on line paid off: we have a window seat and a
perfect view. It’s quite light when we are seated and as the evening
progresses we are treated to the city lights warming the sky. The
tower bursts into a laser light show on the hour too. It’s just
beautiful. Paris is indeed the city of lights.

The meal is delightful too. A martini to start! We both have
langoustines for an entree, I have the veal for a main, Chris has the
turbot, and we both have divine French cheese to finish. The meal is
punctuated with appetisers, amuse bouche and other little surprises
and we have a great bottle of Pouilly Fume then a delightful
Sauterne with the cheeses to wash it all down.

It’s a great meal in a perfect setting. I really do feel very spoilt.

As we leave the tower is bathed in a warm yellow light. It looks
magnificent against the night sky.

A wonderful birthday, thanks to Chris.

Other than perhaps those shoes being in stock, I wouldn’t have
changed a thing.