Day Eighty Six

Our last day in London. I had thought to pack last night, but I just
couldn’t being myself to do it, so it’s a painful job for this morning.

Come on Star Trek. When is “beam me up Scotty” going to be part
of our lives? The packing and travel part of life? You can keep that

Packing does prove to be just as painful a task as I suspect. Even
with my best efforts and hand luggage that would strain a mule, my
bag ends up weighing 22.5kg. And Chris tells me that from Paris to
Hong Kong the limit is 20 kg. Hmmm. I’m used to 23 as a minimum,
and 30 with Qantas. Wish they’d all agree on one total and be done
with it.

We trek to the train and onto Heathrow. It’s a great service and we
are there quickly, hours ahead of check in.

Goodbye UK….hello Paris! Bye squirrels, rabbits, seals, non existent
pine martins, deer, hedgehogs, otters and shy badgers. I’ll miss you
all, especially my squirrelly friends.

Time for some bad airport food (no coffee yet and having
withdrawals) and a spot of duty free. If I’m going to be hung for my
bag being overweight, I may as well be hung for something
worthwhile. So there.

We’re delayed slightly for take off, and the flight itself is brief and

I spoke to a lady at the bank yesterday, a Londoner, who had not yet
been to Paris. If I lived I London I’d be over at least a few times a

It’s my birthday tomorrow. Ten years since the first time Chris and I
came to to Paris. Very excited to be returning this third time. The
pressure to sightsee is off and we will be free to wander the city and
experience it as the Parisians do. Our last trip to New York was like
that and it was much more relaxing than rushing around like mad

We are in Paris and taxi to our hotel Le Bellechasse in Saint
Germaine, just up the road from the Musee D’Orsay. The hotel
decor is by Christian Lacroix. Lacroix sweetie, as Eddy would say.
The foyer is a funky mix of purple, hot pink and maroon, and our
room is a bit like stepping into a post modern painting. Is very
Lacroix with checked walls in silver and olive and a mural on the
feature wall. By French standards, its positively huge and very

We settle our stuff and head out for a walk and dinner. We are right
on the river where there’s always something going on. The river
bank has been painted in a series of portraits, possibly for Design
Week, running at present. Many of the shops have made an extra
effort with their window displays, especially it seems, the children’s
shops. Bunnies and bears abound.

It’s all quite magnificent.