Day Eighty Four

We’re in London and that can only mean one thing….squirrels!

But first there are a few things to do. Shopping in the main. Chris
needs new shoes to go with his dinner outfit. I want to see what the
winter fashions are up to. I would also like to see Buckingham
Palace as the coronation display is part of the tour this year, and am
not sure whether tickets have to be pre booked.

First though, shoes. Boys shoes. Now, I can buy shoes in about a
minute, perhaps 3 to 4 minutes, if I dither over size. Chris not so.
More on this will unfold.

Chris wants dress shoes and we visit a number of men’s shoes stores
in Kensington and Sloan Square. The problem is that he wants the
comfort of a loafer, but the appearance of a dress shoes. This
doesn’t really work as a combination. After many stores, it comes
down to three pairs, then two, but he bulks at the fence and puts off
a final decision. I could have bought 10 pairs in this time.

I can report though, that Harrods is as over the top as ever. More
gold and sparkle than the eye can take in. Their windows are
spectacular. Harvey Nicks though, is a little disappointing. The
windows are done in acid punk and the merchandise looks a little
“meh”. Neither seems to be selling a great deal although Harrods’
food hall is busy.

The high street is in full swing, but retail has taken a serious hit in
England’s economic crisis.

The trends for winter are tweed, tartan and the “wrong shoe” is a
hot trend. Wrong as in pairing a clunky show with a floaty outfit. The
platform is out and stilettos are in, as are boots to the knee and
over knee. I am also pleased to report that black remains the new
black and that leopard is as prevalent as ever. Vogue has deemed it
a neutral and a colour in its own right. Love it.

Make up wise, glamour is back with berry a key lip colour. Eyebrows
are in and eyeshadows are bejewelled greens and purples. The
smoky eye is big still. Nails are neutral, but metallic this year. The
granny bag, large with short handles, is this season’s it bag.

Oh for an unlimited shopping budget!

Shopping suspended for lunch, we lunch and squirrel in Hyde Park
as I marvel how long it takes to buy a pair of men’s shoes. Squirrels
compete with pigeons to take my mind off it. Chris, wearing long
pants, has them climbing all over him for nuts. Am very jealous.
Very. Many nuts distributed and I even get to pat a few tails.

After lunch we shop a while longer (still no shoes) then visit Barclays
to set up an appointment for tomorrow, go to the Palace to tickets,
again for tomorrow pop back through Kings Cross Station (the
Potterphiles are still trying to get through Platform 9 ¾) and
generally criss cross London.

We’ve both been on our feet for a while and are cold and tired. I
convince a reluctant Chris to go and see a movie….where the heat
ends up being off and we almost freeze to death. At one point I
leave the theatre to complain, but little seems to change. The
movie, Ellysium, proves good though. Set in the future it provides
plenty to food for thought about where society might head.

We underground it home and set out for an Italian meal and a fine
bottle of chianti.

So different being in the city vs the country. Another big day.