Day Eighty Two


Cleaning, packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning,


If you allow me to paint a picture, the only thing I hate more than
packing, is cleaning. And the only thing I hate more than packing
and cleaning, is having to do both on the same day.
Packing and preparing the motorhome for storage is akin to moving
out of a small flat. Chris and I are both are used to being in charge
and have our own way of doing things.

Fun it’s not.

We’ve been living here for three months and there’s a lot to do.
Decisions about what to leave, what to take, and not to mention
cleaning out the pantry, freezer, fridge, bathroom, oven, storage
areas and then all the winter preparations…..

What we thought would take a couple of hours, ends up taking the
whole day, and by the end of it tempers are frayed. Mine in
particular. I had hoped to visit a lost garden today that we didn’t get
to see last time we were here. It’s not to be.

We don’t finish until well past dinner time and we’ve an early start

Hoping for a better day then.