Day Eighty

Another day on the road, culminating in arriving in Truro at day’s

To complete the loop, this last stretch of the journey greets us with
rain. As we enter Cornwall, the hedgerows are back, dividing the
still green fields and lining the side roads. They have been trimmed
since we were here last, which makes navigating them a little easier.

Once we hit the outskirts of town, we head to the train station to
book our seats back to London on Monday, and across to the
storage facility to collect our suitcases so we can begin the horrible
task of packing. I’m hoping to leave quite a few things here to save
the endless ferrying to and fro over time.

I’m quite surprised at the cost of train tickets £117 one way for the
two of us. Quite expensive I thought. We will have to get an early
start on Monday: we need to drop the motorhome off and get back
to the train station before 10am. I’ve organised dinner with some of
the Deloitte crew that night too. I’ll be able to catch up with
Michael, one of team from Melbourne who is working in London for
a while.

The rain has settled for the night. I’m hoping to see our baby rabbits
fully grown, but the rain is keeping them in their burrows. Movie
night, I think. I’ve got a few things to catch up on and have a book
on the go too. Written by the author of “The Girl With The Pearl
Earring”, it’s her current release and has me hooked. It’s called “The
Last Runaway” and is set in the 1850s. It’s about a Quaker girl who
emigrates from England to America. She follows her sister who was
to be married, but dies of yellow fever on the journey. I hope
someone sees its potential turns it into a screen play. It would make
a great movie.