Day Eighty One

We drive back into Truro today. It’s our last day before we have to
start packing and cleaning up in earnest.

We spend the day wandering about Truro, running a few errands,
but mainly just taking in our surroundings. The latest time we were
here it was raining, but today the weather is fine and being the
weekend, the locals are out in force. The local market is in full swing
and it’s packed. We are a bit wiser to the shops now, and shop for
our “last supper” in Marks and Spencers.

We stop for lunch in a cafe on the outskirts of town and have a
lovely meal. Always pleasing to dine in a place where they
appreciate food and know how to best cook and serve it. Good
coffee too, which is always a pleasing bonus.

I can’t believe that almost three months has passed. If possible, it’s
gone even quicker than time passes at work. I didn’t think that was

On the upside it was a five bunny day. One little bedraggled wet
one and four fat sassy ones. Bunnies. Nice to know that my little
spring bunnies have flourished.