Day Seventy Nine

We’ve a long way to cover in the next two days, its some 300 miles
back to Truro where the motorhome will be stored until next year, so
most of today is spent on the road.

Shortly out of London surfing the next I find that Warner Bros have
opened the last 10 years of film studios sets from the Harry Potter
films for public view. Very disappointed to only have learned this
now – I would have loved to see it but its on the northern edge of
London and we won’t have time. Next year it will be a must see

We head west, across the Salisbury Plains, across the base of the UK
at its widest point. The landscape in this area is farmland, at the end
of summer – golden fields stacked high with hay bales. The colours
are muted here too. It is the closest I have seen to the Australian
farm landscape I have seen yet. It come down to the difference in
colours. The summer has left the land dry, and shorn on of its crops,
it begins to approach the harsh Australian conditions. By all
accounts, it’s been a long hot summer by English standards.

We drive past Stonehenge again too, watching the tourists,dwarfed
by it, as they mill around in silent pilgrimage. Is hard to quite pin
down what makes in endlessly fascinating. I guess that its the
combination of marvelling at the sheer power and dedication
needed to erect it, combined with its lost history. It affords the
beholder an opportunity to contentedly project their own version of
events. A bit like the pyramids in that respect.

Most of our day is on the road as a result of the distance we need to

We eventually stop in Illmimster and attend to a few domestic
matters and afterwards, a few well earned drinks. I say well earned
as I attempt to wash the motorhome and do a pretty good job of it
to both our surprise. No mean feat when it’s 10 feet high and we
have no ladder. I do however, earn many brownie points, and that
can’t be bad.

Keep ’em coming, thank you bartender.