Day Seventy Seven

I manage to speak to Stella this morning. She’s exhausted, but both
she and Chloe are doing well. Jackson has bonded with her and
bounced in the day she was born with a “Hi Mum, Hi Chloe”. A very
cool young man. And she’s already melted her father’s heart. It was
wonderful to speak to Stella and hear Chloe squeaking in the
background. We both got more than a little teary. It’s been a while.

Chris heard badgers yipping and barking in the early hours. I missed
them. I hear nothing when I am asleep. I would have liked to have
seen a badger but we haven’t managed it. They are very nocturnal.

Another day mostly on the road towards the outskirts of London to
pick up our mail. The lovely green fields are gone and we are
instead surrounded by freeways and concrete. Quite sad about that
really. I love the beauty of the countryside and I miss it already.

If you were under no pressure to attend work, the english country
life would be very appealing. So many things to do and places to
see, it would be impossible to become bored.

Mail successfully collected, and armed with information on future
parcel forwarding services we set off to our final destination before
heading back down to Cornwall, an outer suburb called Crystal
Palace. Sounds like a strip club doesn’t it? One with a seedy
gambling den in the back.

There are a lot of African immigrants here and there’s serious booty
everywhere. Cornrows too and lilting soft accents, and little girls
with intricate hairstyles and bright shy smiles. I feel like a foreigner
in a strange land as we walk to and from the shops in the afternoon.

After the country, the traffic and noise is overbearing. And this is
just the suburbs. We’ll spend the day in London tomorrow voting,
squirrelling and shopping. London squirrels…..can’t wait. They are
so friendly they’ll sit in your lap for a nut.

Brace yourselves my squirrelly friends. I’m coming…and I have nuts.