Day Seventy Six

The most important thing about today is that I have a new niece.
Little Chloe Catherine Camilleri was born of Stella and Andrew.
Brought into the world by C section, even the doctor marvelled at
how perfectly round her little head was. Ha. She will have “our”
round face and I can see from the photo she will have our eyes too.
She will no doubt be as stubborn as the rest of us are. I love her

Most fittingly for an aunt with a thing for shoes, I have bought her
first pair. From France, no less. A little pair of bunny slippers,
complete with ears and little pink noses. I bough them in the Beatrix
Potter store a month ago, her little, as yet unknown, feet in mind

I tried calling Stella but by the time I manage to get through it was
late and she was asleep. Sometimes it’s very hard to be so far away.
I’ll try again in the morning. Little Chloe. It’s a very pretty name.

In travel news it was one of those rare non event days. We spent
most of it on the road very southward, and ended up in an
exceptionally tiny village of Pidley. So small that it didn’t even have
it’s own store.

We did however have a good walk trying to find the village, picking
ripe blackberries along the way, and chatting to some nice ducks we
found in a pond. There are so many lovely wild ducks of different
breeds living in villages here that one almost needs to go out with
pockets full of bread so as to avoid the guilt associated with
disappointing ducks as they waddle expectantly towards you. These
ducks were lucky to have an enclosed bird house built for them on
their pond, complete with ramp coming up from the water keeping
them safe from predators. Such a nice thing to do.

As best as we could figure, apart from the farms, the village
consisted of the pond, a hall and a pub. We dropped in for a drink,
Chris taught our barmaid how to make a Bloody Mary, and draining
that, we set off home to disappoint those poor ducks again. If
there’d been a shop in the village I would have bought them a treat.

They had our measure though, and barely batted a tail feather when
we passed. Guilty of non provision of duck treats, as charged.