Day Seventy Two

Chris wakes early to find a grey squirrel darting about. He takes off
in a hurry though, squirrelling off across the road using the trees as a
bridge. I miss him of course, as I am still asleep. Can’t wait to see
my London squirrels. They’re so tame that they come to sit in your
lap to beg for nuts. Will be taking a large supply with me.

We walk into the village before we set off – it’s only a short drive
into York so we are there quickly. We’re staying a short walk out of
the city, near the river, and we set off to explore once we are

York still has most of its defensive wall in place. It surrounds the
historic centre and apparently has a footpath that follows it. A job
for tomorrow perhaps.

For today, we we intend to check out the city centre and the
Cliffords Tower. The Tower was built in the 13th century as a chapel
and and for lodgings, but was more often than not used as the royal
treasury. Separated from the castle by a moat and the wall, it would
have been an effective treasure hold. The Tower is made of stone,
and has since lost its roof and 1st floor to fire. The main attraction
these days, apart from the history of it, is the view. Climbing to the
top of the tower via a rather scary spiral staircase, the views are 360
degrees and they are spectacular. A carousel has been set up at the
base of the tower and it makes a great contrast to the historical
square around it.

Tower tour finished, we set off to the city centre. The historic
buildings along the way are beautiful, but most of the centre has
been converted to shopping. This is the first sign of “brand name”
shops we have seen, and despite it being a weekday, the shops and
streets are packed.

We shop for a while, visit M&S to pick up a few things and later I
find pair of jelly sandals that come home. Very cute, and
comfortable too.

We get a bit lost on the way home – the city centre is quite circular,
but we soon find the river and make out way home. I’m going to
turn my blackcurrants into a apple and blackcurrant crumble and
Chris has plans to BBQ.

More of York tomorrow. The York Minster (cathedral) is meant to be
stunning, so we will no doubt go and see it.