Day Sixty Nine

Haha. Still funny. Clearly too much Benny Hill at a young age.
Today was a lovely lazy day. After a late start we walked into the
village of Alnwick for a look around and ended up up saying for
lunch. Quite a pretty little stone village that’s obviously doing well
with the tourist overflow from the gardens and castle. We lunch in
the ancient piazza, very Italian in look and feel, with church bells in
the background.
Chris, looking for a few tools, manages to confused a nice nana who
is taking care of a hardware shop for her son and everyone is really
friendly asking after our trip and marvelling at the good weather we
are having. I manage to have lunch without chips, by being tricky
…… and ordering a dessert. Ha. I knew it was possible. Everything,
and I mean everything, including Asian food, comes with chips in
the country! Thank goodness for our kitchen.
I add to my book collection with a truly high brow piece….a Jackie
Collins novel. Haven’t read one of her books for years, and this is an
unread one in a series I started years ago. Have been gorging on
books here, they are available everywhere – new in supermarkets,
mini marts and corner shops whilst almost every other shop has a
“charity table” full of preloved books out front. Have quite the
collection consequently. 🙂
Also pick up a few summer dresses as, despite much packing, after
2 months I am bored with everything. I MISS MY STUFF!
After lunch we hit the road and take the coastal path down to
Durham. The sun is still out in force when we get there, so out come
the sun loungers. Accompanied by Jackie Collins and hot and cold
running cocktails, the afternoon slips lazily away.
Ah. Bliss.
I’m never quite as happy as when I am lost in a book. One of the
few times I can manage to be still and not to multi skill. When I love
a book, everything else truly stops. It costs a fortune to be fast
reader at home. Before our Dymocks was taken away, I used to
frequently spend $100 on 3 or 4 books…..which I would read in a
week. Here I can read a book a day for pennies (the charity books
are 50p or £1). The average price of a current release here is £3 vs
the $25 or so at home.
No wonder they all went broke with online shopping.