Day Sixty One

Chris starts the day with an early morning spotting of six fat rabbits.
Beach bunnies.
We were a little challenged otherwise this morning. The first two
places we attempt to visit are closed. The old mill doesn’t open until
midday (we were there at 10) and the second, an original 18th
century village, run as a folk museum showing how people lived and
worked at that time, was closed due to issues associated with storm
damage to their stone roofs. Hmmm.
Still, we got to walk around the village which was lovely. Low roofed
stone cottages with the tools of the time displayed in some of the
yards, and we had a good look at the stone roofs that caused so
much trouble. Their weight meant that the walls of the cottages had
to be really thick to support them. Must have been absolutely
freezing in winter. Stone doesn’t heat up easily.
Following those two disappointments, we set of further south, along
the Firth Coast road, towards St Andrews. Chris and I only had two
sets of knowledge about St Andrews – his as it being the birthplace
of golf, mine as the seat of St Andrews University, and that famed
meeting place of Kate and Wills.
Very amused along the way to come across one of the river mouths
on the Tay Bridge, listening to Tay FM. It seems my niece and I have
things named for us….I have an island, and a sound, she has a fancy
bridge and a radio station. Hahaha.
Armed with our limited knowledge of St Andrews we were both
very pleasantly surprised. It’s just gorgeous. Ancient streets, ruins of
a cathedral and castle, stone buildings, and of course the University.
Reminded me a little of Adelaide University with its lovely stone and
sandstone buildings. There was even a little coffee shop that
boasted, albeit with a very small sign, that it was where that fated
meeting took place. Being a university town, it has a youthful vibe
which flowed through to the restaurant and cafe scene and shops
too. Good coffee and restaurant food at last…wild mushroom
brioche with Italian cheese here I come! Chris: fish and chips!
Somethings don’t change.
After lunch and nursing my takeaway coffee like a lifeline, we visited
the cathedral and castle ruins and walked around the town. We both
really loved St Andrews and could see how it holds appeal beyond
golf, although much is devoted to it wherever you look.
Tour completed, we returned to our lunch restaurant which also ran
a fine delicatessen to stock up on Ibercio jambon, chorizo, their
local award winning cheddar and other treats. Yum.
We end the day in Markinch in Fife, some 40 miles out of Edinburgh.
We had planned to spend a week in Edinburgh, but we are short of
time, and the festival will prove a challenge for accommodation. We
will need a plan to address this.