Day Forty Six

We are officially in Scotland. I didn’t expect it to be much different
to England, but it is. It’s become very mountainous and heavily
forested with lots of fernery. So pretty. The colour are stunning too –
as the hills and mountains fade into the foreground they are softly
muted blues and greens. If I had any painting talent I would be
reaching for a brush. It’s very tranquil and wild all at the same time.
We emerge from the city traffic near Loch xxxx, and its just
beautiful. It’s drizzling as we arrive, but but the time we prepare
lunch the sun has burst through and the lake and its surrounding
burst with colour. I have shots of both scenes and you wouldn’t even
think it was the same place, never mind that the shots were taken
only 10 minutes apart.
After lunch we follow the lake up to the town of Killen were we stay
the night. It’s the meeting point of two rivers and a spectacular
display of rapids. The town is set at the foot of a mountains; its very
picturesque. Having arrived late in the day, the rapids will have to
wait until tomorrow.
We’re both tired so we go into Killen for dinner, where we have a
nice meal, but encounter a waitress that could give Mr Fawlty a run
for title of best customer service. Very amusing watching her berate
the table next to us who ask for bread, but were unfortunate
enough not to have ordered it in the first place. We got our own
version of a welcome with a terse quiz on whether we had a
reservation, or were staying with them…only to find a half empty
dining room. Still though, I got a smile out of her at the end, and I’ll
take that as a small victory.