A tyre leak, a deer and red squirrels

On the move again, further north again to the Western Lakes
District in Cumbria. We have to fix a slow leak in one of the tyres
along the way – not a puncture but a leaky valve we find out. Glad
it’s not us lifting the motor home: it weighs around 5 tonnes and
even the mechanic struggles.
Tyre fixed we set off around the coast, to arrive in the mid
I forget to say, Chris saw a deer yesterday morning. He woke early
whilst it was still dark and saw him grazing, half hiding of the edge
of the forest, nibbling the grass on the other side. Very jealous.
True to form, the countryside on the way is lush and green. Fewer
trees here though, although its still very hilly. I didn’t expect that
across the UK. I though it would be quite flat, but have yet to see
any flat areas.
We have arrived AND THERE IS A RED SQUIRREL here to greet us.
OMG. He has a creamy belly and a sweet little face…and he’s much
smaller than the grey ones, although his tail is very fine. I get up
quite close to him as he’s raiding a feeder and take a video. Am in
love. Want, want, want. Want. And then there were THREE!
THREE!!! Many photos and video. This is the closest I have ever
been to a red squirrel. Am utterly in love.
It rains for the rest of the day, so we settle in for a moussaka and
salad with the movie channel. Crocodile Dundee – a touch of home.