Day Forty Two

In an unexpected turn of events, today we explore the intricacies of
the National Health System (NHS). Chris’s leg has become worse
and even the shortest walk aggravates it and makes it swell. So, to
make sure there is nothing sinister, such as a clot or DVT issue we
set off for the local hospital.
I have to say, the service was pretty good. As Australians, we have
reciprocal rights for medical care in the UK, but that’s where the
similarity ends. The service here is very good, we are seen quickly by
a nurse who takes the details, then a doctor who runs some blood
Waiting for the results is the longest part of it, and given that it
takes longer than the hour and half estimation…get this….the
doctor comes out and apologises. Amazing! All up, the exercise
took about 4 hours and luckily there are no clot or DVT issues. It
looks like it’s a pulled or torn muscle, most likely from our hill climb
up Cheddar Gorge.
Rest is in order, so I explore Coniston Lake on my own….with lambs
and rain for company.