Day Thirty Eight

Exploring day. We take off to see two of the local villages that are
part of the Lakes District. It’s very pretty where we are, with both
lake and seaside options.

The first town we visit is Grange over Sands, on the sea. A lovely
little stone cottage setting, based on a curved bay along which is a
promenade. The village is lovely with lots of cafe and restaurant
options. Chris’s nose leads us to a pie shop where he happily stocks
up on treats – the pies and baked goods in general are very good
here, and interestingly most often attached to the local butchers. Is
clear that there is fierce competition to make the best pie, as shops
proudly displays their winning pies and details of the competition
and prize.

The real gem in this town, though, is the promenade. It’s rather
grand for such a small place with a garden setting on one side, and
a really unusual “beach” on the other, unlike any I have seen before.
It’s essentially a sea swamp that has re-vegetated with low grasses,
but every so often has a channel of sea water that has made roads
inland. It extends for about 500 meters out to the sea level. A very
strange landscape, it looks very desolate as it can’t be walked on
and is completely bare of people. The promenade has park benches
along it with cast iron frames, inside the frames are squirrels,
painted red, eating grapes. Very amusing.

Even more amusing is my attempt to buy a coffee on the way out.
The English are not blessed with a knowledge of fractions. My
attempts to get a coffee filled to three quarters has delivered results
that range from “did you want any milk in that at all?” to cups that
have been so filled that an ant would be challenged to traverse the
empty bit at the top. I miss my coffee shops in Melbourne. 😦

Strange coffee in hand, we set off to Bowen on Windermere, which
is set at the base of one of the lakes. It’s thronged with tourists and
late in the afternoon, so we take a brief look around and walk
though town – we will come back tomorrow to take one of the lake

We are in Beatrix Potter country and there are a few shops in town
that are dedicated to her work and souvenirs. I do love her world of
bunnies in waistcoats, naughty kittens who mess up their outfits and
tales of mice who are tailors. Chris has to tear me away. I hope to
visit her home and gallery while we are in this area.

We come home to a baby bunny and squirrel who accept treats,
albeit at arms length. Fitting really.