Day Thirty Seven

Rain rain go away, come back another day. It is, in case you haven’t
guessed, raining. A bit of a wake up call after the wonderful balmy
summer weather of the past month.

We wake to a few issues. The rain has collapsed the awning, but
luckily no damage was done, and coincidentally we have blown the
fuse that runs the fridge and starter on the stove. This causes some
panic as the fridge and freezer are full.

With the bad weather we take the opportunity to find a repair
centre and deal with our fuse issues. We also go to one of the local
superstores for a few things. These shops are amazing. Ostensibly
supermarkets, but they stock everything from books to electronics
to home wares. You could lose yourself for hours just taking it all in.

By the time we come home, the rain has cleared and we take a walk
around the local river. Here’s an observation. In general, the country
smells are lovely, warm hay in the sun, flower scents on the wind and
the warm, comforting smells of sheep and lambs. Here’s what
happens in the country when it rains: it hits the cow pats…..and oh
boy do they smell. Still, at least it picks our pace up as we walk
along. Haha.