Day Twenty Nine

Gosh I can’t believe we have been way for 30 days – it’s gone by in a
flash so far. Makes me wonder if the next 60 will fly by just as fast.
Still trying to wrap my mind around the three month off work
concept. It’s seems a really long time, but it does fly by.

Travelling out of Wales today, heading back into England to the
Midlands and the Moors on our way further north. It’s a long way
back, some four hours drive – we decided to stay in Buxton, a spa
town similar to Bath for a couple of nights.

The exit from Wales is magnificent. True to its nature, it’s untamed
to the end. Mountainous, wild and green, I am quite sorry to be
leaving it.

Interestingly, there is no marked delineation from Wales back to
England…but sure enough soon we are on a freeway and it’s clear
we have left.

We arrive in Buxton late in the afternoon, too late to go exploring.
The town is quite beautiful, the result apparently of a “man with
excess wealth” from mining in the 1700s who set about rebuilding
the town from the ravages of mining to the elegant town he had
envisaged. There is a focus still on the mineral spas, but also a key
focus on the arts, with an historic opera house, and a present day
festival in progress.

Daniel’s birthday tomorrow :). Tricky to manage birthdays correctly
with the time and day difference!