Day Twenty Eight

Chris seems to have pulled something in his knee so no long walk
today. Instead I took the opportunity to take my new Pilates gear for
another run. Feel a bit of a dill doing Pilates in the great outdoors,
but it is rather nice under a blue sky and with birdsong as an
accompaniment. Amazing what you can achieve with a mat, a roller
a ball and weights. And a bit of determination. That never goes
astray. Feel rather virtuous afterwards, as I always do after Pilates.

Chris made an impulse purchase yesterday of a new satellite
receiver that has to be returned as it is geared to only work in the
UK – not much use to us when we go to Europe. Luckily the store
agrees to take it back, and along the way we take the opportunity
to explore the town of Pxxx and pick up a few things we need.

Pxx is a small coastal town, set in between the mountains and the
sea. Lots of touristy shops and for some reason a lot of animal
welfare shops….and a pet shop…complete with a silver fox bunny I
was not allowed to take home. He did let me have a little pat
though – very friendly. I think he wanted to come home with me.

Also found a great old fashioned manchester and haberdashery
store where I bought a few supplies including a perfectly designed
blue gingham apron. Amusing to see on its tag later that the
company that made it has been in business since 1735. No wonder
my apron is well designed – just a few centuries to iron out the kinks.

Chores done, it’s off home for cocktails and another Kylie Kwong
stir fry. Farm fresh strawberries and clotted cream for a treat after.
Yum. I think I’ve eaten my own body weight in berries since I have
been here….