Day Twenty Seven

The most important thing today is that it’s my sister Sylvia’s
birthday. Happy birthday honey chil’. We chat though email of
course, and this diary, and Facebook….but I miss her. I have made
plans to call her at a specific time and spend my morning with one
eye firmly on the clock.

We start the day with a long walk on the local beach which is only
minutes away from where we are, separated only by a seaside golf
course. The beach is sandy instead of stony, as the northern beaches
seem to be, and it’s fenced in by high sand dunes along one side
and hills in the distance. It is also completely, utterly, deserted. The
entrance had a brief on migratory puffins and shearwater birds, but
we don’t see any. Nor do we see a lesser weaver fish that hides
under the sand and has poisoned spikes in its back. Just as well. We
do see though, many types of jelly fish, razor clams and really
unusual clams in all sizes. I like beach combing, especially combined
with a fast paced walk. It completes my need to do a series of things
at once (usually emailing, taking a call and walking) and I get to get
a peek at nature. Bonus.

Walk and showers out of the way, we set off to find a local
supermarket – harder than anticipated as it has to be large enough
to park the motorhome. Wales is not serviced as well as England so
its miles away.

After that it’s off to see a small manor house garden in a
neighbouring town.

Spoke to Sylvia for a nice long chat along the way and am feeling a
bit spooky afterwards. She has been in the outback for her job, out
of touch for the past week, so it was really nice to hear her voice. As
nice and fast as technology is, it can’t replace speaking if not in
person, then at least on the phone.

The manor house xxxxx was built in the 1700s and almost lost to
dereliction but was saved but two sisters in the 1930s. The house
itself was pretty, but unremarkable, but as it was set high on the hill,
the views of Coffin Bay were gorgeous and the gardens were the
highlight. Given the sharp angle, the gardens were terraced with
small pathways through each section. Very cottage style, with little
gates and stone archways everywhere, and some really unusual
plants I have never seen before. There were also swallows nesting in
the eaves, a robin on the front lawn and bees nesting in the roof.
Peaceful chirping and buzzing harmony.

Home afterwards with another traffic diversion. The roads are in bad
shape and need all the work they can get…but the diversions take
us miles out our way, especially as we can’t travel on some of the
smaller side roads.

Not sure what’s on the go tomorrow. Lets hope it’s close to home.