Day Twenty Five

Lazy morning with a sleep in, but it was rather nice to wake to the
smell of coffee. Yay for Chris’s newly acquired espresso making
skills. Would be lost without coffee, and I suspect Chris might be in
danger if it were so.

We have planed a hike through Brecon Beacon National Park, to the
water fall, but got distracted along the way in the township of
Beacon. Ostensibly we stopped to find a supermarket, but it was
town market day with all the local farmers, so we did the rounds and
ended up with great bread, locally grown berries and cabbage,
home made raspberry jam and a couple of steaks. Love shopping
from local farmers. The produce is picked that morning and could
not be fresher. We also found a stall with great curries make by a
local Asian couple where Chris wolfed a chicken wrap (oh, so
missing Asian food) and we took a ginger chicken curry home.

Shopping done, we set off to the National Park through really
interesting countryside. The Welsh also build in stone, but the
landscape is quite different to England; hilly as opposed to
undulating, and quite bare. Most of the trees were gone from the
area we travelled through, although I could not tell if it was naturally
that way, or the result of farming. Sheep grazed freely through the
area and we were both amused to see their tails. Long and woolly,
almost reaching to the ground for older sheep. We are so used to
them with no tails at home. They wag them too. I wonder if ours
miss theirs.

The walk through the National Park was lovely – the trees were
covered in fat squishy moss and most of the walk was relatively
gentle, although there were some steep and wet parts. For the most
part, we walked along the river, which pooled out in parts to form
bathing lakes where the locals were taking advantage of the warm
weather. Lots of lily white flesh about.

I forgot to mention – the English believe they are in the middle of
heat wave with temperatures in the mid to high twenties for the
past two weeks. Apparently when it is over 30 degrees for three
days in a row, they issue health warnings. Highly amusing. Overhead
yesterday, on a day where it was around 25, two women discussing
the weather, with one saying to the other…oh it’s so hot, I can’t
bear it. When it gets like this I lock myself away and don’t go out.
Hahaha. Come to Adelaide and have 40 plus heat wave for a couple
of weeks, then talk to me about hot.

After a couple of wrong turns we made it to the falls which were
well worth the walk. And back we went, a two and half hour round
trip, legs properly stretched for a drink in the local pub.

Dinner took advantage of the farm produce with local goats cheese
and my roasted peppers on a good local bread, and because Chris
is challenged without meat, pork and brambley apple sausages as a
chaser. Eating outside with a good bottle of red, so on that note, I
will sign off.

Tomorrow’s travels are yet to be decided. This is not my