Day Twenty Three

We are located next to a large estate, part of which is open to the
public as Cirencester Park. We attempted the obligatory squirrel
check this morning on a walk through it, but the little rat bags were
not playing the game and kept well out of sight. I did forget to
mention that when we went out yesterday, there were seven
bunnies loitering at the entrance. Seven!

Walk accomplished, albeit without furry accompaniment, we
attempted a drive through the Cotswolds. I might add that
everyone we know has pointed out how lovely this area is, so we
were under some (self made) pressure to make sure we saw it in all
it’s glory. We have a fabulous book on touring through the UK, so
attempted one of a few described drives through the area, only to
find ourselves thwarted by tricky turn offs and roads that would
challenge a small car, never mind the motor home.

A few abortive attempts in, and some choice temper flares on both
parts saw Google come to the rescue with a tailor made drive that
would suit a vehicle this size. Tell me please – how did we ever
survive without Google?

I am pleased to say that all the people who waxed lyrical about the
charm of the Cotswolds were right. In most instances the villages
are intact with story book stone cottages throughout complete with
rose arbours, climbing ivy and carefully tended gardens. Very, very
pretty and utterly charming.

And as an added bonus, when we got home, not only were there
rabbits about to greet us, but a small reddy brown squirrel skipped
by rushing from one bush to another.

Might take off for an Asian meal tonight.