Day Twenty Four

Bit of a lazy day, part shopping, part travel. Took myself off to town
this morning to the House of Fraser (local department store) to pick
up a couple of things. The centre of town had market day in full
swing so Chris parked out of town and I walked in. Underestimated
it a bit – almost 2 km there and back even in small heels was a
challenge on a hot day. Still, a girl can only wear flats for so long.
That’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking to it. We might be
travelling in a motorhome, albeit a fancy one, but make up, blow
waved hair and an outfit complete with accessorise are not optional.
As Barney would say…please.

Shopping completed, we headed north west to Wales which took
up the better part of the afternoon. Coming into Wales the road
signs change into Welsh and English – it’s an unusual language,
quiet ancient. Pronunciation is almost impossible, but I have
mastered my translation of “slow down now” from Welsh for the

Once settled we explored the local area; we are in South Wales near
the town of Brecen. We starting with fending off very chatty
neighbours, then a walk to the local river and very old iron bridge
looking for trout, and checking out the local school camp who
seemed set to canoe up the river.

Saw a squirrel when we got back for drinks, but I think I am far more
impressed with them than the locals are. Wish we had them back
home. Want, want, want.