Day Twenty Two

Seems hard to believe we have been way for three weeks. Travelling
around makes it go very quickly. Chris and I are both creatures of
habit, and being in a new location every few days can challenge

Today was a bit of a lost day, mainly spent on the road to the
Cotswolds. We back tracked through Wells as I wanted to get a
second storage container to maximise a bit of available space, and
also that coffee shop was far too good not to have a second cup.
The man was lovely in there and remembered us and my odd coffee
order. Ah well, better to be unusual and memorable than utterly

With the side trip in Wells we didn’t arrive in Cirencester until the
late afternoon. The trip took us through Bristol and some heavy city
traffic. Bit disconcerting after the quiet country roads, even if they
are narrow and a bit squeezy at times.

Having arrived we took ourselves off to town for a sticky beak and a
drink. It’s a pretty town, much larger than the ones we have been
recently. There is a university nearby and you can see its impact in
the town with a number of Asian restaurants and the first evidence
we have seen of people actually exercising at the end of their day.

Will explore further afield tomorrow.