Day Twenty One

A bit of a lazy day today. Another long walk along the local beach,
complete with a chat with the local horses, and a very nice ginger
cat who happened to be beachside. Said he was getting a tan, but it
was giving him a very pink nose. Haha.

It would be no surprise to anyone that the British love their pets,
and in particular, oh boy, do they love their dogs. They are welcome
virtually everywhere. Most places note in their literature that “well
behaved dogs are welcomed”… as if the naughty ones would read
it and know to stay away. And the dog population on holiday is
rather fun to watch. So far we have met dogs who travel with their
own chair, so that when they pull up to sightsee, they sit alongside
their owners…in the same sort of chair, a dog who came complete
with his very well appointed one man camping tent, and one lovely
little old blind sausage dog, whose owners brought him back to the
same site each year “because he knows where everything is”. We’ve
also met a tortie camping cat who was very friendly and had rather a
lot to say for herself and a bird who brought her own cage along for
the ride.

We did take a short trip into the medieval village of Axbridge in the
afternoon to see the small museum in King John’s Hunting Lodge.
The village was established in the 11th century to shore up defences
against the Vikings, who had just been defeated. Old doesn’t begin
to cover it.

The building that the museum was housed is a three story Tudor
style, quite misshaped with time, but interesting nonetheless. Did
get a bit freaked it by the twisted spiral staircase leading to the top
floor..and the fact that you could see through between the
floorboards, but these fears were allayed by the application of a
dark chocolate and caramel Magnum. Very soothing.

Off to the Cotswolds tomorrow.