Day Seventeen

A catch up day today, with a side trip into Bath and the Fashion
Museum displaying their “400 Years of Fashion” show.

Bath is a very pretty city with an ancient history of restorative
bathing, dating back to the Roman times. The city itself is very
Georgian in its appearance and quite European with sandstone
buildings and a Romanesque feel throughout. A few things struck
me: the consistency of architecture which lent a very romantic
“other world” feel to the city, the beauty of the shop fronts, which
had been retained from the period with detailed curved glass and
lovely copper and brass finishes, and the themed plantings
throughout the city, ensuring that it presented a united feel as you
traveled through it.

The fashion show was fabulous, ranging from the 1600s to today,
with displays from each period, and understandably many from the
key designers of the 20th century. Each outfit came with a detailed
commentary and often with accompanying accessories. There was
also a dress up room with the opportunity to try on men’s and
women’s Victorian dress, complete with top hats and crinolines,
much to the delight of a preteen who was being laced into her
crinoline, complaining about the weight of it, but not being able to
help herself from swishing it to and fro in delight as her mother
finished lacing her it. Quite fun to watch.

Off to Somerset tomorrow.