Day Fifteen

A big shop in the morning as we were out of almost everything, and
then off to the seaside town of Lyme Regis. The town is set on the
Jurassic coast, which is a world heritage area. The town also boasts
a shipping port dating back to the 1300s.

We explored the town after many attempts to find parking (can be a
major challenge) and had great plans for walking along it (which we
did for an hour or so), but got sidetracked by the coast, which is
apparently rich in shale, and therefore fossils.

There were a number of fossickers on the beach turning the rocks
over and Chris got happily sidetracked upon finding flint stones on
the beach. He set about testing making tools from them as they
would have, back in the Stone Age. To both of our amusement and
fascination, making tools was a pretty simply business. Flint is sharp
and when hit in a certain way, flakes off into sections that are razor
sharp. Knife anyone? Spearhead perhaps? Just pass me a fur bikini
and I’ll go tidy the cave while you go off and catch dinner….

We looked for fossils to no avail though, until we came to a group of
adult students working near a recent landslide. They were finishing
up for the day, and as they went past, a very nice man gave me a
fossil he had found – an ammonite from they jurassic period,
fossilised in shale. One large one, and a few baby ones around it.
Amazingly kind of him. Am completely chuffed to have a fossil!

Have checked morning, noon and night for my baby bird. There is
no sign of him, so I hope he has fledged fully and is singing happily
in a tree. I miss him.

Off towards Bath tomorrow…