Day Fourteen

Bit of a lost day, slept in and had a lovely lazy breakfast of
raspberries and porridge. The day fogged in and for most of the
afternoon the visibility was no more than a few feet. We attempted
an outing but it was just too freaky with narrow roads, a large
vehicle and no visibility.

So lazy day it was. But on the really up side, I made friends with a
baby bird, a coal tit, we think. He had just fledged and was on the
road, so I picked him up and he settled in my hands and started
fluffing himself up…and then started singing. No fear at all. Little

I took him off the road, just around the other side, behind a hedge,
under a tree. I also chopped up a few nuts for him – no doubt he
was hungry. All little birds seem hungry all the time.

He was about all day, and the nuts were gone by dusk. We went out
for dinner and he was out in the drizzle later that night, so I picked
him up again. The moment I did, he fluffed up and fell asleep in my
hands. Chris took a photo of him asleep in my hands.

I put him safely under the hedge where he was before, with more
nuts. I want to keep him….Teeny little thing with black and yellow
feathers. And he likes me. Pet.