Day Ten

Devon is taking a leaf out of Melbourne’s weather patterns…it’s
mercurial. Bright and sunny this morning, it’s now a thick fog. Very
pretty to look at, but not so sure that Chris is equally thrilled, as he
is driving though it. Have passed my otter sanctuary twice now to no
avail. Will be seeing it on the next pass even if I have to do a slow
roll out of the van in protest. Wild otters. Can’t wait.

Later in the day now, we have our chairs, and a few other bits and
pieces, also have settled into a new site, back in Cornwall. Hope to
do some actual exploring this time as opposed to errand running.
Have also managed to fix the satelitte receiver….yay moi…(me…I
fixed it!) have developed a new use for the powers of logic and
common sense 🙂 It seems it was a power source issue as opposed to
a total unit failure. Most pleased as this means no need to replace
the whole unit, and we had one 99% ordered – it only wasn’t as the
net failed in transit on the final stage of processing the order.

Time to cook dinner: tomato, buffalo milk mozzarella and basil
salad, roast baby potatoes with rosemary and garlic, and pork and
brambley apple sausages. The sausages here are yummy. Not bad
for an “on the road”meal.

I forgot to mention that we found a second bookshop at the
national trust gardens recently….am happily surrounded by books
clamouring for my attention. I was quite lost without them. One
thing about not sleeping a great deal is that one has a great deal of
time. At home I am spoilt for choice of entertainment, in the written
form or otherwise, but I was missing my bookshelf on the road.
Although interestingly….in the northern hemisphere, my sleep
patterns are almost normal. I’m getting so much sleep that I am
dreaming, which is some what disconcerting. Very odd to have
dreams, and when they start I almost immediately awaken. Not used
to it at all.

Later again. It’s light so late into the night. Chris always told me how
his memories of England are of it getting dark late in the afternoon,
but in the summer it’s light well past 10pm. Rather lovely really.