Day Nine

Drove down to the the Isle of Burgh, off the southern Devon
heritage coast. Deemed to be an area of significant natural beauty,
which it was.

In between the town of Bigbury and the Island, there is a tidal path,
uncovered in low tide and when the tide is in, a version of a monster
truck, tall enough to ride over the water to carry you to and fro. The
tide was out when we arrived so we walked across to the island,
hike to its summit and then back across to traverse the headland.
Much to the interest of the local black faced sheep, who took time
from their busy schedules to watch us with interest. Good work out
those walks, very steep!

It does deserve its listing as a place of natural beauty, a millennia of
sea water erosion has carved a magnificent coastline and the water
was pristine.

I’m slowly coming to accept that there are no restaurants in the
country. It seems that there are only pubs and takeaway. And there
are two things to eat….fish and chips, and roasts, aka, “carvery”.
Just as well for my very “local” restaurant which is serving another
Kylie stir fry tonight.

Back down south to pick our chairs up tomorrow (have finally
arrived) also need to address an issue with the satellite which seems
to have given up on us. Thank goodness for Chris’ hard drives with
all the movies and tv series.

Will be pleased to put all the set up and teething issues behind us
and hit the road in earnest.