Day Eight

Transit and domestics day. We moved from Truro to Devon and
collected along the way the new GPS sat nav. Looks like a lot has
changed in the years since we bought our first one. This version will
warn you about traffic accidents ahead and alternate routes in
addition to the size parameters for the vehicle. It also has a really
large screen and automatically updates maps. Forever. Yay. No more
tiny streets.

Having arrived in Devon late in the day, we did the laundry (very
exciting), made the cocktails (much better than laundry), took the
new iron for a run on the world’s cutest ironing board and are
settling in for a Kylie Kwong omelet for dinner. Delightful. There
may also be a trifle in the fridge for pudding, as the English say 🙂

Whilst its been a slow day and whilst I think of it, the English
supermarkets have a really interesting loyalty system that has us
both fascinated. When you go through the register, their database
compares your prices to their competitors and then issues you with
a credit voucher for the difference if you were disadvantaged in
pricing. And this goes for alcohol too. It’s quite interesting, we’ve
had credits from under a pound to over 7 pounds. As a loyalty
scheme, it works for me.

Last thoughts. Drive past a town called Rattery…must visit there in
honour of my local rat. I also know that back a small way (and we
still have go back for those chairs…..that clearly have been dispatch
by donkey) there is an otter sanctuary that rehabilitates local otters
for release into the wild. I. Am. There. With bells on. Will be otterly

Oh…and in all that driving, I was reading instruction manuals to
various things. Amazing what can be learnt from reading
instructions. Men take note! I now have the portable hard drive with
all the movie and series treats working directly off the tv, and finally
have late night amusement at my fingertips. And as I type, David
Attenborough is on satellite tv with snow leopards. Happy.