Day Seven

Success at finding the correct turn off to Trelissick Garden. Very
beautiful old world garden full of scented plants and trees hundreds
of years old. The garden started off as a private home in 1705 and
was held amongst a handful of families until 1955 when it was willed
to the National Trust. We took the opportunity to join the Trust as
we will no doubt be visiting many of the homes and gardens
throughout the UK over the next few months. Saw lots of bumble
bees, very busy in the summer flowers. All different species and
sizes too. There was an apple orchard too, with 68 varieties of local
apples preserved as heirloom plants. All set in a field of white and
purple flowering clover. Gorgeous. Imagine. 68 varieties of apple,
just in the Cornwall area. We have lost so many heirloom fruits and
vegetables to commercialised farming.

Came home to a bunny greeting party – up to eight at one stage,
just hopping about. Much more fun to watch than tv. Would love to
catch one for a few hours for some very missed bunny pats. They
are so cute when they are this tiny. A squirrel lurking nearby too.
Had a very friendly one yesterday who overcame his initial reserve to
come up to the van for treats….and when I got distracted at one
point (and the almonds weren’t coming quite fast enough) was
cheeky enough to knock on the side asking for more. Clearly his
name should be Oliver. More please sir.

On the move tomorrow, to pick up Chris’s new gps that won’t take
us down mouse sized roads, and still waiting on our chairs to arrive.

Drove past a town called Mousehole…tee hee. Is it me, or is the UK
a bit like a giant Beatrix Potter book? Bunnies and squirrels and
mouses….oh my.