Day Three

Almost there. A very fancy BBQ came home today, along with an
outdoor table and chairs on back order. We also found the worlds
smallest ironing board, with yellow spots. Very cute.

I can see that Chris is warming to his king of the road role.

Duties done we headed off on our first venture, off to Lands End.
Very pretty part of the coast, covered in wild flowers, a small
working farm and various tourist attractions, set up to attract
families with small children in the main. We walked a ways along the
headland to magnificent views – very steep cliffs and inlets where
apparently 37 ships have come to ruin over the past 250 odd years.IMAG1086
Much loss of life. Interesting too, that along with my local bunnies,
there is evidence of much bunny activity here too. But here it seems
they are part of welcomed local fauna, with the Lands End display
explaining how their work in keeping grasses short helped with new
species taking hold, and how these species were lost when the
bunnies were affected by disease. Interesting too to see that from
tip to base of the country is a mere 874 miles – a relatively short trip
in Australian terms!IMAG1092

Chris has become a master of the intricacies of parking a vehicle
that takes up two spaces – much thought to be given not only to
finding a place that works, but also with the turning circle and
required access to get back out again. He’s had plenty of practice in
the local supermarket where I continue to be taken with the local
produce. Cornish pasties and Yorkshire ham today. Yum. The range
of local and European cheeses is delightful, and for pennies
compared to home. Just as well Chris is on cholesterol tablets.
Hmmm. Perhaps a hamster wheel for me then?

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